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Monday, September 14, 2009

Pleiadian Message 3

Pleiadian Message
The Native Americans were illegally forbidden to practice their traditional rituals and ceremonies. You may wonder what Native Americans have to do with the Pleiadians, but the stories are in their legends, much of which has been encoded, kept secret or hidden. In certain Cherokee legends, it is said that their people originated in the Pleiades long, long ago. They claim to have come to this world as Starseeds to bring Light and knowledge. If the stories are true, then modern dayCherokee, as well as other Native Americans, and many of us with Native American bloodcontain Pleiadian genes!

Certain Pleiadians are highly evolved, more so than most of the human species. The
Pleiadian Realm is the next step or level in our human evolution. It is for this reason that
certain knowledge is being given to us by specially enlightened Pleiadian beings. There are
those that want to help us toward our higher spiritual destiny. These Special Pleiadian Forces
reside at a very high frequency that is lighter than what we know. And thus, the term Light is
often applied. The higher and lighter the frequency, the closer to the God source one
Eventually, all will become Pure Light at the center of creation, which is God or Spirit or
whatever name you choose to call it. As we evolve, gaining wisdom and true understanding
about our real essence, we begin to open up more to Love, and to feel our connection with one
another and the universe. In the Earth realm, Love is only experienced and known at a low
level compared to all that truly exists. The God/Spirit frequency is beyond anything we know. It
is Pure Love - It is is Pure Light. As we strive and come closer to that center of creation, we
will know Love completely and be totally In the Light.
Although in physical time, the Pleiadians are 541 light years away, they have learned to
navigate other worlds, although not always in space ships. They understand our fear of the
unknown, and so they come to help in ways that are non-threatening. They are coming now,
sometimes in physical form where they can blend in, but most often through human
consciousness. Their intent is not to harm but to help us evolve and develop.
The Pleiadian Message and action is not always one that you might comprehend at first.
Thinking with a purely human mind, you might imagine that they will fly in on some sort of
spacecraft. It is often difficult or impossible for the human mind to grasp the scope of what is
not familiar. Tuning into higher wisdom does not always mean greeting an alien or a
Try thinking about time concepts if you will. Suppose that the past, present and future all exist
at the same time right now. That certainly is not an impossibility if you consider time travel.
Suspend that thought for a moment....time travel. Time travel is possible through
consciousness. So often, this is how wisdom and higher information is passed to us. Without
crossing the barriers of time, the human race would get stuck and stay right where it's at.
It is through the Crossing of Time, that the Higher Pleiadian Forces of Light bring us
information. This information is vital in our spiritual development. Certain Pleiadians have
chosen as their work, a very noble and serious purpose. They strive to work through the layers
of human consciousness to bring higher wisdom from the place they dwell at. They are not God, yet they bring wisdom, as many have brought wisdom throughout the ages from higher
Their purpose is not to save your soul, but to enlighten you more to the power and beauty of
who you are, and to the divine creation of which we all are a part. People or so called
Channelers that bring in certain information are in no way divine or special. They are simply
willing to tune into another place, another time and receive information. Many humans have
always had the capacity to do that. There will be some that will actually take that chance and
put it out there for others to partake of.

Pleiadian Message 2

Pleiadian Message
that astounds those around you. Many people who do not understand the times are afraid of
the power running through humankind today, so they perceive some people with power as
being arrogant. Be cautious of this fault and, as you unfold to the power of healing and the
energy that is within you, be sincerely gracious. Do not snub or look down at those who have
not yet discovered their abilities, because the energies are here for all people. All of you who
have made the discovery are to inspire others to do the same.
The countdown during this fleeting moment of time is known by many. The World
Management Team who currently influences your planet is composed of of a cluster of
families, a few thousand people in number. They rule the industries of banking, media,
education, and the distribution of knowledge all over your globe, and it is they, a handful of
people, who challenge your freedom. They are connected through their thoughts to other
entities, just as you are. The difference is they know it, and you do not for the most part, so
they use their tools and techniques to connect you to the entities that they wish to feed.
The idea of invisible vampires is not unknown. Remember the Gods take all forms, and they
come in to teach you and to fulfill their own destiny, which is to learn. How you learn and what
lessons you attract in living will be determined by how quickly you learn the lessons in front of
you right now. If the energy of the cosmos treats you to a great opportunity to love and forgive,
and you do not take it, then you can be certain that you will have the opportunity to face that
one again until you get it. And sometimes you will find yourself flat on your back, or perhaps
flat broke, deflated, with no fizz in your mineral water, until you get it.
Whenever you go somewhere new, you are bound to meet an unknown. The presumptions
you apply to the unknown territory determine what you will experience. You cannot go into a
higher frequency of energy without exploring every territory; therefore the dark side of
humanity and the dark side of existence now call you to examine and understand them. The
dark side of power has many secrets: hiding your inheritance as beings of biological
magnificence, as well as knowledge concerning the power of your mind, the power to
regenerate and replicate yourself, and to truly understand the processes of sexuality, birth,
living, and death. You must learn to stop fearing the darkness, and to understand the wide
variety of sexual expressions that create power, a power that rests at the core of your
inheritance as human beings.
The Pleiades are a cluster of beautiful, dazzling stars located in the constellation of Taurus.
With a telescope, you can see about one-hundred stars. Without a telescope, you can see only
six or seven stars. According to ancient legends, the stars are said to be sisters and the
daughters of Atlas. The entire Pleiades cluster is actually the eye of the bull in the constellation
of Taurus..

The seven bright stars that helped guide Greek sailors are: Alcyone, Merope, Celeno,
Taygeta, Sterope, Electra and Maia. They have been known for thousands of years,
surrounded by fascinating legends and stories even to this day. The American Indian Religious
Freedom Act was passed in 1979. Amazingly enough, up until that time, Native Americans were illegally forbidden to Pratice their Rituals and ceremonies (continued here - Pleiadian Message Pt 3)....

Pleiadian Message 1

Pleiadian Message
With compassion and compelling insight, the Pleiadians, those system-busting
time-travelers from the future, take us on a journey through the uncharted lands of The Book of Earth, which comprises all human experience. While our world goes belly-up in these
most absurd of times, they offer us tools for survival. During the crucial
period between 1987 and 2012 — a nanosecond in the annals of existence where secrets and
solutions are stored — we have the unique opportunity to move from the deepest of density to
the highest of frequencies — where we shift from linear to multi-dimensional living.
To make this transition, we must face not only the limitations of our 3-D world with its
electronic manipulation and mind control, we must embrace our own wounds, and those of our
ancestors and leaders. To heal ourselves, to raise our frequency from one of despair and fear
to one of great inspiration and love, the Pleiadians urge us to rethink and reevaluate our lives:
You shall change, you will change, you must change, because this is the season of
One of the greatest challenges you face is to understand how the mind works. We said that
we will convey thought to you, mind to mind. You are, of course, telepathically expanding.
Many people are very good at it while some people cannot imagine it ever working, yet you are
born with this ability. If you cultivated it, you would be far more astute than you believe
yourselves to be. Then again, if you were far more astute, you would not be as manageable.
Much is kept from you and held in secret as higher knowledge: your ability to heal, to use
your mind to create what you want, to send and receive messages, to see pictures or read
energy fields — these these are your innate abilities. If you claim these powers, then the few
who live in wealth and are in charge will have a very difficult time managing you. How could
they if you were free, unencumbered by shoulds, sins, and limitations?
Your world is marketed for separation, for meaningless living; with all the sins, heavens, and
hells, it is a wonder anyone wants to be born any more. However, love is here in a form that is
beyond what you can ever experience any place else. Your ultimate destiny is to turn the
whole world into a love frequency, and we are here to assist you in that process. We cannot do
it for you. Actually, all we can really do is entertain you, feed you ideas, and perhaps act as
instigators. You are the final makers, creators, and doers. As you learn more about mind
control and its many levels of influence, you will see that you are easily controlled because you
do not want to be in charge of yourselves. You like it when ideas come to you, and you do not
have to think. You like to be told what to do. You surf the Internet and have no idea that the
ideas you are fed lock you in limited thinking. You do not realize your genes can be rearranged
telepathically. It is not so easy to do; however it is done, particularly at the beginning of one
age and the end of another.
Family of Light is here to set precedents and create options, to show alternate ways, not to
declare one way as the only way. No dues, no club memberships, certificates of approval, or
graduation diplomas are required. You simply live, creating a vibration and a standard of living (continued here - Pleiadian Message part 2)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Keys to the Living Library

Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
Tak a clear look at our highest purpose on Earth.
Earth: You must restore and return value to the Human Being, and to recognize the Goddess energies and the power of blood as connections to your DNA and our heritage.

Explore the corridors of time through the knowledge of the the Game Masters; to awaken the crucial codes for multidimensional perspective; and redream the Living Library of Earth. The teachings in this transmission are significantly arranged in twelve chapters to trigger a deeper understanding of the ancestral lineage of the Human Race. Earth probes the memories hidden deep within you to reveal the crucial roles in the transformational process unfolding in these times.

Keys to The Living Library

7 Levels of Life

The Pleiadian 7 levels of Life development + their 7 sub stages

(the evolving consciousness cant skip any stages however can have peak experiences ie. pretty much like the Stages/States from Ken Wilber)

1-3 very material life's (senses, reasoning, limited life) 3-5 semi-material (knowledge and logic, advanced technology and life) 6-7 spiritual (manifestation to a spirit being through the accumulated wisdom)

ONE Primary Life (using instincts and primitive skills)

1. Primary Life(not much knowledge at all) Activities: Walk, Eat, Shelter, Protection etc. make take several lifetimes
2. Primary Thinking Intellectmake take several lifetimes
3. Primary thinking of Reason, Self conscious. ( I do this then Im safe etc.)make take several lifetimes
4. Primary Exercise of Intellect and Spiritual Force
5. Primary Reasonable Actions
6. Primary will caused thinking
7. Reason condition leading of the life (take care of himself)

TWO Reasoning Life (using thinking and self awareness)

1. Primary Development of Reason
2. The effective realisation of reason
3. Primary acknowledgement in cognition of higher influences
4. Belief of higher influences
5. Belief of higher forces
6. Primary Recognition of Reality (telepathy etc., Average earth being is on this phase)
7. Primary knowledge and wisdom

THREE Intellect life (using conclusions and logic)

1. High development of the intellect (high technology etc.) and Second realisation of spiritual forces (New Age movement etc.).
2. Realisation and exercise of knowledge, (truth and wisdom, belief systems breaking down)(present level of the educated earth beings, scientist etc.) (the need to feed the spiritual knowledge)
3. The first realisation of wisdom and knowledge (Psychics, Researchers like Tesla etc.)
4. The acknowledgement and utilisation of nature laws. (Logic in nature's creation, likegravity>Levitation, Planet cycles etc. hyper-technology)
5. Natural Exercise of Wisdom and acknowledging cognition of spiritual forces (absoluteknowledge (not belief))
6. Life in knowing about wisdom (Truth, Logic and Wisdom)
7. Primary cognition of Reality as an Absolute (truths, basic matrix of nature) (present phaseof a FEW researchers on the earth)

FOUR Real Life

1. Clear knowledge about the reality as an absolute
2. Cognition of Spiritual Knowledge and Truths (a spiritual being taking place, using thespirits intelligence, using spiritual senses)
3. Utilisation of spiritual knowledge and senses (sleep state clear, luckiness)
4. Cognition of the reality of the creation and her laws/logic (actual knowledge of the lifeforce)
5. Living from the creational laws/logic, purification of the spirit and the intellect

6.Cognition of the true obligation and force of the spirit, complete break down of acceptance and beliefs structures. (far less use of the material senses, pure knowledge, far less emotional, fear etc..) Pleiadian average phase**

7. ??

FIVE Creational Life (still physical life time, but longer life span:

1. Control of Living forms (Create new life forms, Androids, Procreation of Spirit)
2. Construction apparatus living creatures
3. Spiritual development of forces for control of material and organic forms of life
4. Will condition of master of life
5. Position of Recognition (reminisce of earlier life's etc.)
6. King of Wisdom (a typical Pleiadian Ishuish type, the beginning of constant creational harmony experience, top level of physical phase)
7. Cognition of Spiritual Peace (living in spiritual peace, constant universal love forceexperience)

SIX Spiritual Life

1. Acknowledgement of realisation of the spiritual peace, the universal love and creationalharmony (meditational bliss, no sleep, thousand of years life span)
2. Living in pure spiritual forms (no material forms)
3. Spiritual creations (helping lower life forms, spirit guides)
4. Disembodiment of the spirit from organic matter (no need for material senses, and thebody, no death, the cycle stop )
5. First Spiritual Existence (at minimum 5-10 000 yrs life span, physical body fading)
6. The Final Spiritual Existence (coming together = collective consciousness, socialcomplexes i.e. RA, Cassiopeans etc., somewhat the last stage to communicate with earth beings (lower material life forms) before completely de-materialised and unified with the creational force)
7. Pass over into creation (moving towards perfection, participating of the working ofcreation, out of touch of any material existence- [therefore narrowband communication from the RA/Cassiopaeans]

SEVEN Creations life (Twilight sleep, Consciousness merged with the creation, function to create an UR-universe)

1-7 Twilight sleep, Consciousness merged with the creation, function to create an UR-universe. Stages are difficult to separate since they are very unified themselves. Long life Spans (Millions of years at least).


After Death

Spirit leaves the body; Fine matter world (other side, heaven, 5th density, another dimension, etc.) A state of consciousness like the sleep state, no input, experience, only wisdom taking forward etc. Will not be contacted, disturbed etc. (sleep state)
Reincarnation (re-entering into the coarse-world)

152 yrs before it re-enters. Generally in the family. Short life (material life) will come back faster. The more you learned in the corse world the longer it will take for re-entering

Earth position determines in some cases very fast re-entering periods (like from 1970-now) Re-entering can then be as fast as one day

7 stages of growth before the the spirit returns in the matter

Note! The spirit is planetary localised, spirits stick to the same planet.
Chromosomes/Genes during pregnancy

Determines character information, age and not connected to intelligence. Brain forms during pregnancy due to the spirits involvement (i.e. information download) Acids in the brain= a copy of the spirit's information.

1. The Billy 'Eduard' Meyer Complete Pleiadian Contact Notes; translated and Narrated by Randolph Winters.

Billy 'Eduard' Meyer

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Absorb the frequency information contained in this visual composition: There are subtle vibrations, and images which will speak to your unconscious mind and plant the awakening seeds which will lead to the discovery of the keys to opening your 12 Chakras, and remembering all your past and future lives.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Primecreator and the portals to Manifestation

Primecreator and the portals to Manifestation, and Back to the dimensions of non sensual attraction. Learn to understand the unified fields and the paths leading though causality from void to manifest self. Watch the teaching and contemplate it's meaning often. Return to view it and listen again once every 3 weeks. Learn to see how Mankind has fallen into illusory perceptions of Reality and a false image of what "Self" means. Stare at the radiating concentric rombhus shape without blinking and focus your concentration. See the all-seeing eye which is hidden withing the dimension of limitless space, which is alive and conscious. Your nature is a Spacial one, and the only real essence is the Ether, the Luminous Void. When you meditate, ask to recieve the transformation of DNA to re-attain the 12 strands of crysalline light filaments. If you ask wholeheartedly you shall recieve this, transformation. This will assist in the reopening of all your Chakras, 7 withiin the body and 5 without. Once your embarkation onto the path of transformation is begun, your intuitive understanding of the Pleiadian message will begin to flourish. We Welcome to your Destiny.

Multidimensional Breakthrough Pleiadians Wayshowers

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